Home is where you park it

Home is where you park it

Welcome to our first blog post on M55 Motorhomes – where home really is where you park it.

Firstly let me introduce ourselves, my name is Ben and together with my wife Kaz we own and run M55 Motorhomes – with the help of Ian who you will have the pleasure of meeting as we hand over our vehicles for your next adventure.

Kaz and I are firm believers that having no plans is 100% the best plan. When it comes to exploring and finding new things to do with the family simply go with the flow. Owning our first motorhome opened our eyes to the infinite opportunities in the UK to visit places we have never even heard of.

“Very few things in life are better than spending a week travelling and exploring”

While routine can be a comfort, it can also be confining. Waking up with a new view every day and watching different sunsets beats staying put in one location every time! With a love for the open roads and unplanned adventures we began M55 Motorhome Hire.

Located just outside of Blackpool with an easy and convenient pick up location hiring from us couldn’t be easier.

We hope to welcome you aboard really soon and with our fleet expanding with some BRAND NEW motorhomes at the start of 2023 the choice only gets better! CLICK HERE to view our availability.

Happy Camping Folks!

Ben & Kaz