Making Memories

How often have you wished for more hours in the day or feel you have spent the day rushing here there and everywhere suddenly realising that you have spent no time making memories with those you love.

Hiring a motorhome for a family holiday can deliver just that – time!

Every sunset can mark the end to an epic day and every sunrise holds the promise of a new adventure. Imagine waking up to a brand new sunset every day of your holiday, enjoying breakfast outside with the family in a brand new place each and every day – making memories.

Our last adventure in one of our motorhomes took us off up to the North East coast exploring the coastline from Berwick-Upon-Tweed right down to Newcastle. We had a fantastic time in so many of the villages, we had a night on Holy Island in our own home from home, ice creams in Seahouses ending up exploring Newcastle at the end. It had a bit of everything for the kids who love beach hopping, the wife who thrilled exploring castles and historic places and finishing off with a busy city day for us all.

Hiring a motorhome really can be anything you make it, where are you heading to on your next adventure?

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